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Technology has seen many advancements and achievements in recent history, and as such mankind is now capable of better weather observations than ever before, and with increasingly detailed climatological information being made available by hydrological and meteorological departments, weather forecasts are getting more and more accurate, as well as more and more long term.

Modern day weather forecasts depend on the collection and analysis of measurements and data from all over the world. Since a broad range of atmospheric variables has to be recorded, a dizzying array of technical equipment is now required in order to enable the collection of all that information.

Meteorological equipment includes devices such as barometers, hygrometers, anemometers, rain gauge, thermometers, sundials, weather vanes and even wind socks, to name but a few.

Thanks to these we can now be ready for cyclones that occur far out on the ocean long before they ever reach land, meaning that those who could be affected by it can be evacuated or take precautions with plenty of time to spare. In this way weather news today is not just a convenience, it can actually save people’s homes and lives. If there is anything about Global Weather News that you feel our website doesn’t cover and needs to, get in touch and let us know.

Elements of Science

Weather is truly constant in its inconstancy, due to the ever changing nature of Earth’s atmosphere. Weather changes with the months and days, as well as varying from place to place.


The different regions of the world have vastly different climates, and these climates vary within themselves according to the seasons.

As such it is vitally important to stay up to date with regards to the current state of the weather in your area, as well as the forecasted conditions in your local area, and in areas to which you are planning to travel. Drop us an email if you wish to have your say regarding Global Weather News.